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The dialing of *67 before the number will leave no caller ID from your phone
* 67 855.800.2622
Note : if this line is not answered directly it is open to new applicants for information between 7-8 PM
Central Standard time 7 days a week.]
For a private proxy temporary phone number can provide one for one hour to one month

Call the private line with no caller ID if you are over 18 years old (press * 67 for UNKNOWN or RESTRICTED on caller ID)

Arden Gifford, MD, AA, HOW
Authorized Agent HOW TRUST
11152 Westheimer Rd Ste # 204
Houston, TX 77042

E Mail:
Fax: 855.800.7638
Toll Free Phone: 855.800.2622
Outside US: 212.235.1881

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Dr. Gifford can be reached directly by email at for any questions regarding CPC Institute and its related programs for a full discussion regarding any matter a Candidate might have concerning CPC Institute, its protocols of service, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

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